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Thank you for your service and assistance during our 2018/19 winter season. You stepped into a whirlwind of a project. We could not have completed it without your guidance, expertise, and work ethic. Amid an accelerated timeline, lack of information, and changing work scope, you not only kept your head and adapted, but you also informed us about best practices and optimizations. We can’t thank you enough for helping us complete this impressive scope of work on such a short time line.

Yellowstone Traditions

The McLees Team is wonderful! I was very impressed with the service technician. He was very knowledgeable and confident in his abilities.

S. Murray

“I love working with you guys.  Your company is simply so good! And whenever Doug is involved you just know it’s going to be done right!”


“Chad and Carlos did a wonderful job installing our new air conditioning unit.  They were courteous, professional and friendly. They worked hard and efficiently.  The electrician Joe worked into the evening to make sure we had AC.  McLees heating and air conditioning was a great company to work with.  Thank you.

-Del and Holly

“I was very pleased with Nick Uffelman’s work.  His systematic diagnosis of my Hydron A.C. issues and his quality of work were excellent.

I will not hesitate to call again with future work, or recommend him.”

– Bill M.

“Dear Jeff,

A couple of weeks ago, a squirrel shorted a transformer serving my building downtown and burned up the motor & other parts of my RTO serving the entire 2nd floor.  My tenants were without A/C or heat, there was smoke and complete chaos.  Chad came out immediately and spent the entire day patching the equipment back together & got it running.  It was hot & nasty, but he stuck with it.  This is old equipment & because of Chad, we are back in business.  I guess there may be only a small handful of people who could have done it.  I am fortunate to have Chad’s help and thank you for making him available.


Joe C.  “

Carlos was very professional and knowledgeable.  I am thankful that I have McLees to take care of my home and business.

– Patsy B.

“Thank you for taking care of my furnace issue!  You have my business in the future and I will definitely recommend you.  Thank You.”

Eve B.

Now Hiring!

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